Year 2014

41 pregnant women received pre and post-natal care and other medical services

  • 41 pregnant women 41 women delivered their babies with minor or no complications.
  • 1 anemic infant received a blood transfusion.
  • 2 two women were hospitalized due to malaria and high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia). 
  • 4 women delivered twin babies.

January 2014 – Ify Sloan and Dr. Chinonye Nnakwe hosted an Arbonne Party and raised awareness of Merciful Hearts. 35% of sales were donated to Merciful Hearts Foundation. 

Tonia Sanford joined the organization as a new ambassador, which stemmed from awareness from this event.

April 2014 – Dr. Chinonye Nnakwe spread awareness about Merciful Hearts by presenting the organization at the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL.

May 2014- MHF carried out a community outreach that provided medical service to 105 infants, 104 pregnant women, and 102 children.  Among the seriously ill were one premature infant and one anemic infant.

October 2014 –Chimma Coq and Dr. Lawrence Nkwocha raised awareness by participating in Woodbridge Multi-cultural fair in Woodbridge, NJ.  They passed out flyers and shared artifacts and information about Nigeria and Merciful Hearts.  Sylvie Oyinkolade joined the organization as a new ambassador.

November 2014– Chimma Coq hosted an Arbonne Party and raised awareness of Merciful Hearts.  10% of sales were donated to Merciful Hearts. 

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