Year(s) 2016-2017

Merciful Hearts Foundation (MHF) provided pre and post-natal care and medical services to 120 out of 250 pregnant women who attended outreach programs. Besides providing pre and post-natal care, MHF carried out a community outreach program and provided medical services to 37 sick infants and children.  Among the seriously ill, ten pregnant women had malaria, and eight tested positive for HIV infection. Below are some of the remarkable

We are very happy to report that all 120 women delivered their babies with minor or few complications.

  • 10- women delivered their babies by cesarean section.
  • 6-women had complications with placental delivery and bleeding and recovered.
  • 16- women received a blood transfusion due to blood loss and/or anemia.
  • 20- women received treatment for high blood pressure, anemia, and malaria.
  • It is important to note that we recruit pregnant women at various stages of their pregnancy between 2 to 8 months. These women were not enrolled in any healthcare services and had no plans to do so because of poverty.
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