Year(s) 2018-2019

Merciful Hearts Foundation (MHF) provided pre and post-natal care and medical services to 68 pregnant women. Besides providing pre and post-natal care, MHF carried out a community outreach program and provided medical services to 300 pregnant women and 20 sick infants and children.  Among the seriously ill were 31 pregnant women who had malaria, and 6 tested positive for HIV infection.  Below are some of the remarkable accomplishments:

68 women delivered their babies with minor or few complications. 

Below are some of the remarkable accomplishments:

  • 15- women delivered their babies by cesarean section.
  • 3- women were already bleeding weeks before the outreach program, so they were sent to the hospital immediately.  Through divine intervention, we carried out the outreach program at that time, women lost their babies, but one baby survived.
  • 10- women received treatment for high blood pressure, anemia, and malaria.

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